Leveling up

If you’ve mastered the basics of management and you’re looking for some material to give you ideas into how to grow into a better manager and beyond, then here’s the Leveling up track, focused on your growth. Here we talk less about prescriptive ways for you to do your job and instead discuss themes and concepts that you can consider as you begin to gain experience and expand your influence.

  1. Culture
  2. Your network inside the business
  3. Rockstars and superstars
  4. Wobble
  5. Scrutiny and judgement
  6. The stick
  7. Why is Engineering getting so slow?
  8. Your levers: scope, resources and time
  9. Cadence
  10. The sophomore slump
  11. Your career is your responsibility
  12. Mount Stupid
  13. The contribution curve
  14. Coaching
  15. There’s no shame in going back
  16. Management bugs
  17. Dealing with different personalities
  18. Leadership through kindness
  19. Step outside of your comfort zone
  20. Force multipliers
  21. Failing fast
  22. Chits
  23. Letting go of control
  24. Influence
  25. Workplace politics
  26. Engineering at scale is a people problem
  27. First principles and asking why
  28. Job hopping and what you can do about it
  29. Keeping your 1 to 1s fresh
  30. What does trust have to do with Israeli day care centers?
  31. Can optimism ever be bad?
  32. Why I couldn’t write a manager README
  33. How do data science projects work?
  34. Competitive sitting and leaving loudly
  35. The Eye of Sauron
  36. The importance of writing
  37. Not invented here, revisited
  38. That massive email
  39. The case for building from source
  40. Algorithms to make you more effective
  41. When everything blows up
  42. Don’t make your staff afraid to fail
  43. Work doesn’t have to be your everything
  44. The trichotomy of control
  45. Project X
  46. What does beta really mean?
  47. Ownership
  48. A fistful of radishes
  49. Why do we have process anyway?
  50. Switching to a remote manager
  51. How to tackle technical debt
  52. Engineering a successful product launch
  53. Collaborating with marketing on launches
  54. Let’s make a space for developers
  55. Management bugs: 18 months later
  56. Flexibility is the greatest perk
  57. Towards remote working
  58. The joy of caretaking
  59. Commit and figure it out
  60. How to share just enough information
  61. Working from home: the yin and yang
  62. Who could be your Jeff Dean?
  63. Carve out your own thinking space
  64. Surely we’re more than our jobs
  65. #NoDeployFriday: helpful or harmful?

Working with…

Some short pieces on how to consider working with staff in other roles to the benefit of your team.