Month: September 2017

Rockstars and superstars

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Intrinsic motivation Previously, we looked at the two main career tracks that engineers can work towards. These were the individual contributor (IC) track and the management track. ICs mainly stay hands-on with technical work and spend their career becoming deeper experts, whilst managers relinquish their technical reins and apply themselves to the leadership of people, teams, and departments. It’s very difficult to do both of these responsibilities fully and with a high level of competence: […]

Your network inside the business

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Expanding your influence A quick quiz: do you remember the Andy Grove equation (which I harp on about so much) that expresses how a manager’s output should be measured? If not, then check back on our previous article. Even if you do remember, then let’s recap: The output of a manager = the output of their team + the output of the organization under their influence. It’s simple yet concise. Most of the articles written […]