Month: July 2022

How do I make sure my work is visible?

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Before we get started As you may have seen, unfortunately around 10% of Shopify staff were laid off last week. It sucks to lose talented friends and colleagues.  If your company is currently hiring, then we are providing outplacement services for our affected staff. All you need to do is contact and we’ll provide you with contact information. They will make incredible additions to your teams. Thank you in advance on behalf of the […]

How do I get better at giving feedback?

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This week, we’ll look closer at a subject that seems simple in principle, but in practice can be quite tricky. Q: How do I get better at giving feedback? I’m aware that the topic of giving feedback may come across as quite dry, and that the next tab or email might appear more interesting to read; but please be patient with me here. It’s worth it. Being able to frequently give and receive feedback—especially feedback […]