Month: August 2018

Don’t make your staff afraid to fail

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Way past my bedtime… I’ll always remember the first time that I watched Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket.  I definitely wasn’t 18 years old, which was the required viewing age as specified by the BBFC in the UK. It was late at night on the weekend, and I was sitting in the front room of the Surrey house I grew up in, and my parents had gone to bed. We’d recently installed satellite television, which was […]

When everything blows up

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It’s August. You’re having a decent week. Looking over the top of your monitor, you can see that it’s pretty quiet in the office. Many of the engineers are on their summer vacation since their kids are off school, and they’ve picked a perfect moment to do so: the afternoon sky is a deep azure blue and is barely tainted by a single wisp of cirrus cloud. Still, you don’t mind being in the office […]