Month: December 2018

Management bugs: 18 months later

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Nearly a year ago, I wrote an article on an initiative called “management bugs” that I had introduced into our Engineering department at Brandwatch. If you’re not familiar with the concept, then I go into a fair amount of detail in the previous article. However, in summary: The management of the engineering department have their own JIRA backlog that staff can raise “bugs” into if something isn’t working quite right. Anyone can raise bugs, regardless […]

Let’s make a space for developers

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Lisa and Ben are standing in the middle of a cavernous empty office. It smells damp. “Well, I guess this could be nice,” says Ben, looking at the peeling corners of the carpet tiles beneath his feet and the adjacent coffee stain that possibly predates Y2K. Lisa looks at the wires hanging from the ceiling. “Before or after we set fire to it?” “C’mon, Lisa. Imagine the possibilities.” Ben makes a wide gesture with his […]