Month: June 2017

1 to 1s

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Management 101

Update: you can find this topic covered in much greater detail in my Book. In this article, we’ll focus on 1 to 1s, which provide a key opportunity every week (yes, every week) to engage with your staff on a deep, personal level. As a manager, you can have a tremendous impact on the performance and lives of your staff by doing them mindfully and to a high standard. Simply doing them isn’t difficult, but […]


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Management 101

Erm, so what should we talk about? Just like meeting any human being for the first time, your first 1 to 1 can go in a multitude of different ways. You might be lucky enough to instantly gel with your direct report; the conversation flows and away you go. Equally, you might be unlucky enough to both sit down, stare at each other and not really know what to say. Depending on people’s experience within […]