Month: July 2017

Managing upwards

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Management 101

Upwards? Whilst we may typically think of the “management” part of being a manager as the relationship between yourself and those who report to you, it’s equally important to think about how to handle the relationship between you and your own manager. It’s critical to your happiness in the workplace, your career growth, and ultimately your success, as they will be judging your performance. By putting a concerted effort into getting the best out of […]

The 4 key managerial activities

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Management 101

How should I best make use of my time? In the previous post, we looked at some techniques that I find useful for keeping all of my information under control. Certainly, for the new manager, striving for a situation where each day has structure and feels more regimented is a positive place to start. However, once that structure is in place, how should one engage in activities and conversations to best create a positive outcome […]

Feeling productive

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Management 101

Why do I feel like I get nothing done? A common concern that I hear when talking to new managers is the feeling that they’re getting nothing done. There are so many interactions and tasks in flight any given time that it is almost impossible to focus properly. This feeling is especially common when a manager has spent a portion of their career as a developer. A lot has been written about how to keep […]