Month: July 2018

Not invented here, revisited

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Mnemosyne Recently, we redesigned the main storage architecture of one of our products. We did so by writing a distributed bitmap index of our own that was exactly suited to the type of searches and aggregations that users perform frequently. My colleague, Phil Messenger, who served as the lead engineer on the project, gave a technical talk at Devoxx 2018 about how the system was conceived and designed. While this project was running, and despite […]

Is the HP Way still relevant today?

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Linting code When many engineers are contributing code to the same application, there needs to be an agreement on how that code should be written. Ideally, when reading a codebase, the style and logical layout should feel like it was written by one person, thus making it easier to understand. This stylistic and structural consistency can be achieved by the maintainers of that codebase specifying contribution guidelines which are enforced during code review, such as […]