Month: February 2018


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What are they up to? Have you ever noticed that your preconceptions can affect your judgement? Let’s test that theory out. Imagine, if you will, that there are two hypothetical engineers. The first, who we will call Alice, is a total superstar in your department. Everyone thinks that she is brilliant. If you had to get something critical done you would give it to her. In fact, you’re not sure how you’d get things done […]

Failing fast

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Buzzword bingo Failing fast. A phrase you’ve probably heard countless times in agile literature, in books about start-up and lean culture, and in umpteen articles on the Internet. And yes, here I am: yet another monkey on the proverbial typewriter. Fail early, fail often, fail smart. In the software development world it’s safe to say that we’ve all been bonked on the head with the proverbial fail-stick enough times for it to have been driven […]