Month: January 2018

Leadership through kindness

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Imagine What do you think about when you imagine a good leader? What sort of person are you thinking about? What age are they? Which gender? Now, let’s think about what you’re imagining them doing. Are they giving a talk? Are they motivating a group of people? Are they congratulating them after a major success? Maybe you have a less positive connotation. You could be imagining someone shouting, or being angry or pushy. It could […]

The relationship with Product

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A month after launch A much-awaited upgrade to your application went live 4 weeks ago. It was probably the most organized launch that your company has done so far. It hit production well on time for a start! Customers logged in on Monday morning to an in-app announcement about the new functionality. The team felt great for making it over the line. The marketing collateral followed on the brochure site and your social channels at […]