Month: August 2017

The two tracks of growth

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Management 101

How do we grow? You have a responsibility to your staff to understand their career aspirations and facilitate their growth in the right direction. But what should they be aiming for, and who is accountable for making it happen? There is often a stereotype within the technology industry that the only way that growth can occur is via promotion into roles that carry increased people management responsibilities. At best, this can produce excellent leaders who […]

Performance reviews

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Management 101

It’s that time of year again… Update: you can find this topic covered in much greater detail in my Book. Let’s get one thing straight: nobody likes performance reviews. They’re essential yet unpleasant; a trip to the proverbial dentist. Yet, despite the unpleasantness, they’re the best opportunity that you have to push your top performers further and course-correct those that are underperforming. Use them well, and your staff will only get better. Use them badly, […]