Month: August 2023

Read widely, apply selectively, share regardless

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Pssst. I’m writing a new book. There’s more information at the end of this article. Snap! When I was several months into writing Become an Effective Software Engineering Manager, I remember getting freaked out that Will Larson’s An Elegant Puzzle had just been published. This was the first time that I’d written a book, and I couldn’t help the feeling that I was beaten to the punch. However, after submitting the final draft in early […]

Should I change job? Earn, learn or quit.

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A question that I occasionally get asked is whether someone should stick with their current job or get something different.  Now, the first and most important thing I state is that I can’t possibly answer that question: everybody is an individual with a unique set of work, life and money circumstances. I certainly don’t want to be responsible for any regrettable decisions! However I do understand when people want a sounding board to check their […]