Month: October 2018

A fistful of radishes

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The man pulling radishes pointed my way with a radish. Kobayashi Issa I first came across this haiku when I was reading Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Wherever You Go, There You Are. Something about it really captivated me.  What was it about?  An image comes to mind of walking through fields, lost, trying to navigate to the nearest road. Upon noticing that a man is bent over working the ground, the traveller shouts out the name of […]


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Tick tock How much time is wasted in the cracks between phases of work? A feature is code complete, but the pull request is waiting on review.  Stalled.  The feature branch is deployed, but it needs QA.  Stalled.  Everything is finished, but it needs deployed to live.  Stalled. As a phase winds down before it becomes the next one, either due to needing internal input from the same team, or due to needing external input from another team, the […]