Month: May 2019

#NoDeployFriday: helpful or harmful?

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A fun tweet, no? Well, maybe not. Should there be particular times in which production deploys are forbidden? Or is #NoDeployFriday a relic of a time before comprehensive integration tests and continuous deployment? You may face a similar dilemma in your team. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Is not deploying on a Friday a sensible risk-averse strategy or is it a harmful culture that prevents us from building better and more resilient systems? Ring ring […]

Coding Bootcamps: a Glimpse at the Future of Education?

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Current affairs

Education is big business. It is projected that over 20 million students will be enrolled in degree-granting institutions in the US in fall 2020. That’s 20 million people willing to invest multiple years of their lives and to incur an average of nearly $30,000 of debt in order to earn a degree, typically to maximize their chances of starting a career in the discipline of their choice. This brings high pressure for the hope of […]