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Planning for momentum

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I recently published an article in the final ever issue of Stripe Press‘ Increment Magazine. It’s called Planning for Momentum. In the article, I make the case that planning is far from dead. In fact, it’s very much alive and more vital than ever before. Planning is a dynamic and generative process that improves your ideas, facilitates alignment and consensus, and leaves vital artefacts for the future. You can read the article over at Increment, […]

#NoDeployFriday: helpful or harmful?

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A fun tweet, no? Well, maybe not. Should there be particular times in which production deploys are forbidden? Or is #NoDeployFriday a relic of a time before comprehensive integration tests and continuous deployment? You may face a similar dilemma in your team. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Is not deploying on a Friday a sensible risk-averse strategy or is it a harmful culture that prevents us from building better and more resilient systems? Ring ring […]