Month: November 2018

Collaborating with marketing on launches

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No big bangs When launching a new product or feature, the last thing that you want to do is something risky. The most risky kind of launch is a big bang, where the application or feature: Is shipped to production only as the marketing launch goes out. Is enabled for all users at once. Hasn’t been profiled against real load in production. In order to avoid those kinds of launches, last week we wrote about […]

Engineering a successful product launch

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Panic, panic! It’s the day before launch. The engineering team look frantic. There are empty takeaway coffee cups across their desks, in the bin, and on the floor. Kelly is slouched over her keyboard looking at her monitor through her fingers. It’s the loading prompt, and it’s still loading, even after three minutes. “This just can’t be possible,” she remarks. “How come we’ve never had any issues with the loading speed until now?” A Slack message from […]

How to tackle technical debt

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Mining for debt Recently on Slack one of my colleagues shared this comic from Monkey User. I thought it was a great metaphor.  The world of software moves extremely fast. Inside a given company the codebase is constantly changing with the addition of new features. Outside the company is an entire world of open source software development, shipping updates to all of the libraries, frameworks and databases that are being used. With time, piling on […]