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Manage Your Capacity, Not Your Time

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Management 101

The internet is full of opinions about how to manage your time. There are even whole books written on it. However, they miss an important nuance: it’s not the quantity of time that you are able to juggle, assign and manage that matters, it’s the quality of the time that you are able to spend on your tasks. Regardless of where you work or how senior you are, you have a finite amount of capacity: there are only so […]

When people leave

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Management 101

Have you got a minute? We’ve all been there. For the first time in a while, you’re having a pretty good day. You’ve not had many interruptions and you’re making measurable progress on the things you need to be working on. All of a sudden, Alice, who’s one of your stars, walks towards your desk and makes eye contact whilst raising her eyebrows. “Have you got a minute?”, she says. “Sure”, you reply, whilst leaving […]