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When people leave

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Management 101

Have you got a minute? We’ve all been there. For the first time in a while, you’re having a pretty good day. You’ve not had many interruptions and you’re making measurable progress on the things you need to be working on. All of a sudden, Alice, who’s one of your stars, walks towards your desk and makes eye contact whilst raising her eyebrows. “Have you got a minute?”, she says. “Sure”, you reply, whilst leaving […]

Doing interviews: the other side of the table

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Management 101

Let’s talk about the interview process Tech company interviews have become the stuff of legend. Tales of impossible questions, nerve-wracking whiteboard coding, bizarre brain teasers, you name it: the Internet is full of examples of strange and wonderful experiences during interviews at leading technology companies. In this article, we’ll explore some of the aspects of interviewing candidates that I feel are important. Some of these aspects have no definitive answer or best practice, but I’ll […]