Month: March 2018

Engineering at scale is a people problem

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Building people and technology When your company is at an early stage, hard graft, rather than complexity, is the focus. Communication doesn’t require careful thought or organization because you’re either sitting next to each other or there are few enough of you to make decisions over video calls, emails or IMs. If there’s friction or disagreement amongst key people, then often the fight to keep afloat takes precedence anyway, dampening the urge to keep negotiating. […]

Workplace politics

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How things get done We’ve all heard about workplace politics. What are they? Are they good or bad? Can we prevent them or should we get involved? Let’s spend some time exploring them. Work, as in life, is filled with many independent actors in a complex system. Each actor is motivated by differing interests, passions and values. Each is working independently towards the greater good of the company, and politics are what arise from the […]