Month: April 2018

First principles and asking why

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But why? I was in a supermarket recently, and at the other end of the aisle I could hear a parent getting continually more frustrated. What should have been a relatively simple trip to purchase some groceries had been turned into a consistent barrage of questions. Their young child had entered the why stage. No action or decision was safe from the dreaded why. Why were they going down this particular aisle? Why was it […]

Working with Sales

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We don’t sell, we close What’s your relationship with the salespeople in your organization? Do you even talk to them? Is there a culture of us and them in your company? Do you feel like they see your department as unwashed geeks and you see theirs as a herd of Patrick Batemans wearing Submariners? I hope not! Regardless of your own relationship with the salespeople in the organization, you have to have utmost respect for […]