Month: August 2017

Giving feedback

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Management 101

Easy, right? The concept of giving feedback is simple to grasp: you want to let people know when they are doing a stellar job so that they can receive praise, and conversely, you want to let people know when they are not performing to your standards so that you can begin to help them improve. The truth is that giving feedback well is very difficult to do. It’s easy to see why giving negative feedback […]


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Management 101

So I’m getting someone else to do my work? Delegation is very powerful. Yet, for new managers, the process can feel really¬†weird. A career spent as an individual contributor, where one is responsible for taking tasks and executing on them until they are finished, feels an entire galaxy away from this new role where tasks are often delegated to someone else. It’s especially challenging for those with perfectionist qualities in their own work: how will […]