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Doing interviews: the other side of the table

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Management 101

Let’s talk about the interview process Tech company interviews have become the stuff of legend. Tales of impossible questions, nerve-wracking whiteboard coding, bizarre brain teasers, you name it: the Internet is full of examples of strange and wonderful experiences during interviews at leading technology companies. In this article, we’ll explore some of the aspects of interviewing candidates that I feel are important. Some of these aspects have no definitive answer or best practice, but I’ll […]

Attracting people to work for you

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Management 101

It’s not just the technology It may be straightforward to look at the best companies of recent years and deduce that they succeeded due to having the best technology. There’s probably a lot of truth to that hypothesis. However, who created that technology? It was the people. The most successful companies manage to attract, hire and keep the best people available. No matter how grand the vision of the founder is, without the right people, […]