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Surely we’re more than our jobs

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So what do you do? There is a house for sale two doors down from where we live. At the weekend, I was working outside of our garage, filling the car with scrap wood from an internal wall that we had demolished. A man, who I would place somewhere in his forties, left his parked car and approached me. He had seen the listing online and had come for an initial drive by. After telling […]

Carve out your own thinking space

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A message to you, Rudy Dear Managers, Do you feel that your day is a conveyor belt of meetings, starting at 9AM and ending at 5PM? Do you find that despite the existence of that space you left in your calendar, neatly hollowed out between stacks of meetings where you intended to eat your lunch, that yet again someone has booked in a meeting called “Quick chat” with no prior warning, without asking you for […]