Month: August 2020

One-to-one meetings: a podcast

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Just a short note to say that I appeared on the Level-up Engineering Podcast to discuss one-to-ones for a whole forty minutes! Who’d have thought you could talk about that subject for so long. Well, it turns out that you can. We covered a lot of material, including: Why you do one-to-one meetings The ideal frequency Where to do them How to prepare and always have good material to discuss What makes bad one-to-ones How […]

VP, Director, what?

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Managing managers

This post is part of a series of articles on managing managers. Before we dive further into techniques and tools for budding managers of managers, it’s worth spending some time to get to know what sort of progression may lie ahead on the management track once you begin to go beyond managing just one team. In this article we’ll step through some of the common job titles that are used for higher level management track […]