Month: October 2018

What does beta really mean?

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What’s the longest period of time that you’ve let software that you’ve shipped stay in beta? A week? A month? A year?  What does beta even mean in the SaaS world of continuous delivery? Is it a relic of the past? Let’s explore further. Showing my age It’s 1999.  In the very early hours of a Sunday morning in April I am hunched over a desk, curtains closed, in my bedroom on the first floor […]

Project X

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In an open plan office in a galaxy not so far away… Lisa rotates in her chair and looks upwards at the ceiling. She poses a question:   “I’m just about to create the repository in Github. What should we call it?” “Well, we’re not even sure what it’s going to do yet. I don’t even know if what they’re asking for is possible.” Ben looks back towards his monitor, opens up Google and types in […]