Month: January 2018

Management bugs

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Hello? Max has been working at his current company for about 9 months now. On the whole, he’s been having a really good time there: he’s building an interesting piece of infrastructure that will be a big deal for the upcoming product roadmap, he gets on swimmingly with his team, and he’s learning a lot. He’s even been convinced to change his IDE. However, there are a bunch of things that have been bugging him […]

There’s no shame in going back

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Not how it was supposed to be Alice could vividly remember how she felt a year ago when she was promoted. It was her first managerial role, and for years she had been visualizing what life was going to be like when she had her own team. She would feel powerful, confident, and an integral part of her company. When she received the news, her partner was so proud. She remembers their celebration dinner together. […]