Month: July 2022

How do I progress to the next level in my career?

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Let’s move on to another question that I get asked frequently. Q: How do I progress to the next level in my career? This is a broad question, and every single person is different. However, this question is interesting because it can be used to begin some valuable self-inquiry. What we’ll do is: Explore what careers may look like and what motivates us. These topics are well worth revisiting when you feel like you are […]

How do I get better at writing?

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Welcome to a little reboot of The Engineering Manager. I’m going to be trying out a few new things.  Firstly, I’m going to get back into writing on a more regular cadence. It turns out that doing two books almost back to back is fairly time consuming. Who’d have thought? Secondly, I’ve migrated my mailing list to Substack, because this will give you, the reader, way more flexibility in how you can read the website. […]