Month: March 2019

Surely we’re more than our jobs

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So what do you do? There is a house for sale two doors down from where we live. At the weekend, I was working outside of our garage, filling the car with scrap wood from an internal wall that we had demolished. A man, who I would place somewhere in his forties, left his parked car and approached me. He had seen the listing online and had come for an initial drive by. After telling […]

Growth, but at what cost?

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Current affairs

Tough times at Revolut. Image credit to Monito on Flickr. Get (sh)it done How does this Slack message make you feel? There are a number of aspects to this message that make me feel uneasy. The threatening tone. An expectation to work weekends. The open, public declaration of there being a watch list, and the open, public threat that you might get put on it. A “simple rule”, which is that staff that do not […]