Month: November 2017


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Keep on pedaling Cadence is a term used to describe the rate at which a cyclist is pedaling. Different cyclists find their efficiency in pedaling at different rates. Looking at the professionals you can see that Chris Froome has an unusually high cadence whilst Nairo Quintana tends to cycle at a much lower cadence. They’re both effective riders despite this difference. As each cyclist has a preference for the cadence that suits them most. When […]

Your levers: scope, resources and time

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The Iron Triangle I’m sure that you’ve heard a version of the phrase “fast, good, or cheap. Pick two.” In terms of getting a piece of work done, mostly by an external paid contractor, it holds true. If you want something good and fast, it’ll be expensive. If you want something good and cheap, it’ll be slow. If you want something fast and cheap, it’ll be poor quality. This is applicable from dry cleaning to […]